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For some years the dream mirror is preparing a foundation for "quality of life". The aim is to come up with a platform that understands managerial and organizational matters. After putting on a supervisory board the foundation can be implemented, and the development and fundraising can begin.

Carefulness, integrity and patience play a major role.


The objective of the Foundation in establishment

foundationqualityoflife.org i/o (Foundation quality of life)

The objective of the Foundation in establishment:

A prototype for a new world order on an holistic base.

Paramount is the use and promotion of the widest possible range of possibilities that can lead to the greatest possible quality of life up to the highest possible age.

This In cooperation with physicians, care institutions, government and all relevant institutions. Paying attention to diet, exercises and natural healing (such as the recovery of the self healing ability of the body). With attention to medicine which is more working in fighting against the causes than fighting against the symptoms.
The promotion of the ability of exercising ones own profession and/or hobbies to have a more harmonious way in becoming older.

Recognizing and breaking through the many rusted thoughts, ideas, addictions and attitudes in others and ourselves.

With special attention to bending the view that the so called demographic aging means an increase of the burden for the society. That on the contrary the expectation of more and more higher ages with an increasing vitality and health may lead to a valuable effort and use of the potential and the wisdom of this to be mobilized growing brigade. More and more elder people grow old healthier with more vitality and that process will continue. More and more elder people still aspire to a meaningful interpretation and a contact-full place in society and life and they are rich in experience. Continuing to participate also contributes a lot to health and vitality with an important effect on reducing costs. We have to discontinue with that old-fashioned thinking and doing imposed by the society.
The slogan "To the youth is the future" has to be changed to "the youth and the elderly are working together on a new world".

Countering the institutionalizing of the Foundation’s thinking and instead choose for a living organism.
Institutes lead to rigidity and living organisms lead to continuing growth and alertness.
Institutes are coat racks, with organisms you always have your hat in your hand, you are always on the move.

Using a twin-track approach in the sense that on the one hand the independence is promoted in such a way that, as much as possible the elderly will be able to stay on their own as long as possible and on the other hand, if necessary, they still shall be able to use the hereafter mentioned courts. But first of all striving for a cost-saving common self-care.

Setting up an Academy, which, among other things, will be engaged in a bridging function between the ideas of the youth and the elderly.
Grafting the momentum of the youth on the wisdom and experience of the elderly, promoting a cross-fertilisation.

China awaits a huge development

The academy will organize:

Courses for elderly and young people to approach a lifestyle which may lead to the greatest possible quality of life, in which mentality, diet, exercise, philosophy and the holistic way of life play an important role.

The holistic thought is understood by:

Everything and everyone in the Cosmos all together is forming a large organism, and everything and everyone is interdependent of each other and that nothing and no one can exist by its own or by itself. (The we-feeling, the we-thinking and the we-doing). Multiplying (in this context) actually is sharing. By sharing (materially and mentally) as much as possible with the fellow man, life will create a growing and synchronising organism. No-sharing is destructive and leads to a downward decline. This applies to all sections of society.

Among other things this means that unbalanced rewards in companies, organizations and Government are heavily disruptive, undermining and have a decomposing effect in the organism and thereby seriously disrupting and harming the development of the general prosperity and well-being. So it does with the quality of life.

Partially parallel running courses for the elderly and young people.

Providing lectures, acquisitions and dialogues between elderly and young people.

Initializing and promoting a training to prepare young people for the responsibilities of marriage, fatherhood and motherhood.

Training for politicians on a holistic basis.

Training for the understanding of cosmic citizenship.

Training in the search for balance between our ego and we.

Providing websites in the main languages

Propagating the ideas of the Foundation to political parties, the Government, the European Parliament, the United Nations and companies without participation in the political power formation. Promoting the holistic thought as a living organism and a growth structure for further development of the existing democracies. Being aware that higher ideals do have deeper pitfalls.

Maintaining contact with the courts for the elderly and its inhabitants and providing training periods for young people, whether or not resident in the courts, in cooperation with art academies. With the aim to activate elderly people in the field of practicing art. Meanwhile the young artists will be able to earn a certificate.

To realize among other things the following as part of the objective:

The founding of courts for elderly people with an official status of care-home, but with selected targets groups.

The courts will have as well internal as external residence and/or care and extra attention will be paid to all the possibilities that can contribute to maintain quality of life and independence up to the highest possible age.
They will have facilities and areas with additional facilities for residents, like art studios, a music studio, hobby rooms, work rooms, a library, a concert hall and an exhibition space. Any possible variation will be tuned to the target group of the court. Because of this the courts will be able to offer a variety of cultural events. Among others these events will vary from concerts, theatre performances, to exhibitions, etc.
Where possible, the court can provide a regional cultural function.

The Foundation further aims the following purposes:

Initiating and setting up a think tank, which will deal with the search for cooperation and links with forces that are occupied with the reformation of the current monetary system, the power and structure of the banking sector and the stock markets.

To transform and synchronize the banking sector and the stock markets on a cooperative basis grafted in the ideas of the foundation.

The creation of a global international organization on a holistic basis.

Equipping a seaworthy vessel and a ship for the European waterways for promotional purposes.

Carefully setting up a broad social oriented workgroup in which the youth- and students-world also are represented in order to develop an action plan.

A summary of the Foundation goals in a nutshell

Promoting a growing and synchronising organism for the we-culture in which truth, wisdom and purity will lead to a loving and peace-loving society and will lead to unity and because of this to a higher quality of life.

In addition we have to become aware of the following symptoms caused by the ego culture:
mental and undemocratic impurity; addiction; shameless intentional misleading false misrepresentations to serve the interest of the ego; prejudices; the growing criminality and white collar criminality; war and extremism; divisiveness; and maltreating of mother earth for the sake of own interest.

Do not fight all these symptoms, do not fight against evil, but eliminate the causes of evil by fighting for the good, by striving for the loving holistic culture in such a way that the ego culture with all its evil symptoms eventually will be dissolved. Do not see this as a utopia but as a feasibility in a further future.

Never fight against, but always fight for!!

Seed cannot be hasted but does require fertile fields, time and care. Love (the we-culture) provides the building blocks for a new world crossing the borders between countries and religions and is the seed for a world government.

Jan Jacob Henneman 

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