Who is Jan Jacob Henneman

Gems and amethyst geode

Jan Jacob is intensively engaged to "evolution, cosmos, philosophy and religion." While painting he tries in a conscious way to let the unconscious take part in the development of his dream mirrors. This is combined with a mixture of intuition, imaginative playfulness, and pursuit of freedom and an inner desire of discovery.

Antique primal cup found on the beach of a Thai island

Jan Jacob Henneman’s life in a nutshell.

I am a self-taught man. My first painting, a primitive blind man walking in a park, dates back to January 1977.
Only later I saw the resemblance between the blind man and myself, groping like a blind man for form and colour. To give my own nature a chance, in the early years I painted with blinders on. Thereafter I wandered for 3 months through Canada and the USA , day in and day out doing nothing else than visiting museums and galleries. In 1984, my work evolved to "conscious unconscious" painting.

Amethyst geode

Later on I roamed twice for half a year through the Far East. After first five years a studio in the fishing harbour of IJmuiden, five years of stillness in Friesland and a lot of travelling, I washed ashore in Heusden on the river Maas in 1989. I try "faltering" with form and color to portray something of our "endless journey".
Meanwhile, my first book of poetry appeared, I give cosmic sound concerts and sound therapy, I am involved with the healing properties of gemstones and pure water and the cosmic tachyon energy. In the late 60s I was still on the board of three private companies. In '77 my life changed. From one day to the next I started painting and finding new life values "

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