Holistic Sound Massage
for businesses

Applicable to businesses, administrations and institutions

What is Holistic sound massage?

In holistic sound massage we make use of instruments with intense and strong vibrating primal sounds, which can penetrate deeply into the whole person. If one opens up to this, it gives a healing sound massage. This massage can contribute to a process of renewal and liberation.

Energy and movement in the used sounds and the cosmic spatial aspect herein, can act transforming on human beings and cause a change in consciousness and recover harmony. This gives the self-seeking healing powers, which are naturally present in humans, the chance to recover and develop again and carry out their work.


Aplication for companies

It is important for companies that there exixts the greatest possible balance between the interests of the company and the interests of the employees. And that there will be developed an awareness that the company is an organism that consists of people that pursue a common goal among mutual respect. Disharmony in whatever field can cause damage and frustration. This is at the expense of the material results and well-being.

An employee should always try to find the middle between his interests and the interests of the company and his colleagues as much as possible.
The company must always find the middle between their own interests and the interests of the employees as much as possible.
With disharmony in the organism sound massage can be a great help in finding the restoration of harmony.

The sound massage may be preceded by identification of problems or frustrations in the business.
After the sound massage the problems can be discussed mutually.

The intent will be discussed beforehand and adapted to the needs and nature of the business.

Interested parties please contact the holistic center Museum The Dream Mirror.

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