Museum de Droomspiegel (Dream mirror) is situated in the small and pretty artists-fortress village Heusden aan de Maas in a beautiful ancient monumental house.

The collection consists of paintings (dream mirrors) by Jan Jacob Henneman and is entirely dedicated to the evolution thoughts.
The dream mirrors possess an imaginative, poetical, cosmically, philosophical and moving radiation in a totally individual style. The dream mirrors are also very suitable for young people and even for small children.

The sound altar awaits listeners to the primal sounds of the cosmic sound concert. Inspiring, healing and soothing!

Gemstones are formed over millions of years to shine and sparkle and they wish to help and heal together with the holistic sound massage.

Heusden is an interesting town to stay. Combine this visit with a meeting with The Dream Mirror and Jan Jacob. You are more than welcome, but before you come, please give Jan Jacob a call for a date!

the old dog sighs
with a cracking paw in the air
he is no longer so happy
with each dogs pee