Heusden aan de Maas

Small artists-fortress town.
Heusden was awarded the highest Europian restauration award "Urbes Nostrae" in 1980.

Heusden aan de Maas amidst canals and protective walls


View of Heusden seen from the Maas

The old custome house and a part of the fishmarket

The old St. Catherine Church

De Waterburcht.

The old Waterburcht

This castle has his roots in the12th century. In july 1680 the castle was struck by lightning. No less than 30.000 kg of gunpowder and a large stock of granades and explosives were in the tower. The explosion destroyed the castle. In 1986 it was decided to rebuilt the foundations of the castle.


The Demerrondeel

This is the Demerrondeel that was rebuilt in 1950. The foundations date from 1300, when the Demer formed the town's moat.

The old harbour of town with windmill

A cosy street in the centre with pleasant shops.

The old fish-market