Holistic sound massage

What is Holistic sound massage?

In holistic sound massage we make use of instruments with intense and strong vibrating primal sounds, which can penetrate deeply into the whole person. If one opens up to this, it gives a healing sound massage. This massage can contribute to a process of renewal and liberation.

Energy and movement in the used sounds and the cosmic spatial aspect herein, can act transforming on human beings and cause a change in consciousness and recover harmony. This gives the self-seeking healing powers, which are naturally present in humans, the chance to recover and develop again and carry out their work.

Holistic sound massage can be beneficial with:

  • Tension and stress
  • Cleaning of inner and physical blockages
  • Resolving of personal and social problems
  • Finding energy leaks and recharging new energy
  • Stimulating the awareness
  • Supporting healing processes
  • Learning to live with irreversible disabilities and diseases.



The ear

In the fetus, the ear is the first sense that develops. According to Dr A. Tomatis this happens already a few days after fertilization and after only 4.5 months, the cochlea, the proper organ of hearing, is fully grown and after birth it will not grow further. After it is fully grown the fetus can hear independently.

In the ear is also the balancing-organ. This organ represents balance, movement, space and time. Ear and balancing-organ are communicating both vice versa with the brains.

Sounds, wavelike energy manifestations, are at the forefront of the nascent universe and the nascent human being. The entire creation can be considered as transformed cosmic wavelike energy manifestations. Simply put, the vibrations in man and cosmos keep working compressed after the transformation. Seen in this light, we are able to understand a little the loosening effect by the wave energy that occurs during the sound massage, although it continues to be a wonderful happening all the time.

De Schepping heeft in oneindige wijsheid sluimerende klankenergiemanifestaties aan de mens geboden, die hem in staat stellen deel te nemen aan het proces van volgroeiing van de mens en de kosmos.

Not (h)earing , though willing to listen intensively, sharpens the sense of hearing and enhances conscious perception.


I am a barb-biter
jokingly spoke he barber
and I am a rough
the customer said
and bit the barbers hand