The Holistic Thought

The holistic thought means that everything and everyone is connected with eachother in a large organism and that nobody and nothing can exist on his (its) own. Each human being is a organism that is a part of a family-organism, that on his turn again is a part of respectively a street-organism, a district-, a town-, a provincial-, a state- and a world-organism. Also religions, companies, associations and institutes are organisms partaking in this world-organism. On his turn the world-organism is a part of a gigantic universe, being an immense organism that in a miraculous manner follows its way in endless rotations in the infinite space.

All matter is energy and organic related to eachother and is also a part of the organic universe.

All these organisms are moving and rotating around their centre, either to the left or to the right (depending on the place in the total-organism), receiving and creating energy and growing and evolving and influencing eachother.

There is a Divine Creator who has created from his unity all this and so also the human beings. In the centre of all the being, in the dwelling place of our father, matter and spirituality are not to recognize as being different.

Our Divine Creator is the father of all of us and has granted as a gift to all human beings a helping divine fragment inside.

Basically the whole humanity is related to eachother like sisters and brothers with one spiritual father. The sense of this is hardly present in us, especial because it is very threatening for our ego and for our selfish desires.

Our Father is a God of love and his instruction to us is “be as perfect as I am”.

The divine gift (the divine fragment) can help us to find our way to God. The way to discover this divine fragment is paved with love for our fellow-creatures.

Jan Jacob Henneman

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