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Jan Jacob went through the book intensively and many times. It will be his joy to let you participate in an awesome glorious and endless cosmic and heavenly panorama. A panorama that along with the overwhelming starry sky reveals a fraction of the Creator’s greatness. The book gives a great spiritual freedom. Religion is a very personal thing, directly between each man and the creator, without the intervention of institutional religions and sects.
Meanwhile, several study groups of Urantia book readers have arisen.

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Excerpts out of the Urantiabook.

Your world, Urantia, is one of many similar inhabited planets which comprise the local universe of Nebadon. This universe, together with similar creations, makes up the universe of Orvonton, from whose capital, Uversa, our commission hails. Orvonton is one of the seven evolutionary super universes of time and space which circle the never beginning, never ending creation of divine perfection; the central universe of Havona. At the heart of this eternal and central universe is the stationary Isle of Paradise, the geographic center of infinity and the dwelling place of the eternal God. Page 1

There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and his plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving. Page 365.

The Father desires all his creatures to be in a personal communion with him. He has on Paradise a place to receive all those whose survival status and spiritual nature make possible such attainment. Page 63.

You humans have begun an endless unfolding of an almost infinite panorama, a limitless expanding of never-ending, ever widening spheres of opportunity for exhilarating service, matchless adventure, sublime uncertainty and boundless attainment. When the clouds gather overhead, your faith should accept the fact of the presence of an indwelling Adjuster, and thus you should be able to look beyond the mists of mortal uncertainty into the clear shining of the sun of eternal righteousness on the beckoning heights of the mansion worlds of Satania. Page 1194.

Love of adventure, curiosity, and dread of monotony – these traits inherent in evolving human nature – were not put there just to aggravate and annoy you during your short sojourn on earth, but rather to suggest you that dead is only the beginning of an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery. Page 159.

You shall not portray your Teacher as a man of sorrows. Future generations shall know also the radiance of our joy, the buoyancy of our good will, and the inspiration of our good humor. We proclaim a message of good news which is infectious in its transforming power. Our religion is throbbing with new life and new meanings. Those who accept this teaching are filled with joy and in their hearts are constrained to rejoice evermore. Increasing happiness is always the experience of all who are certain about God. Page 1766.

All Urantia is waiting for the proclamation of the ennobling message of Michael, unencumbered by the accumulated doctrine and dogmas of nineteen centuries of contact with the religions of evolutionary origin. The hour is striking for presenting to Buddhism, to Christianity, to Hinduism, even to the people of all faiths, not the gospel about Jesus, but the living, spiritual reality of the gospel of Jesus. Page 1041.

The hope of modern Christianity is that it should humbly bow itself before the cross it so valiantly extols, there to learn anew from Jesus of Nazareth the greatest truths mortal man can ever hear – the living gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Page 2086.

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