Cosmic Sound Concert


Sound-altar for the cosmic sound concert

"Octavo Libero"


"Octavo Libero"
cosmic sound-concert with

Javanese gong
Tibetan sound-bowls
Indian drum

mallets and fiddlestick

composition and performance:
Jan Jacob Henneman

design costume:
Wilma van den Hurk

The "sound altar" for the cosmic sound concert was designed and built by Jan Jacob and is demountable, allowing "Octavo Libero" to be played at any suitable location, at an opening, a party, an initiation and/or purification of new locations, etc. .etc.

About the cosmic sound-concert. 
The cosmic sound-concert Otavo Libero is played with the instruments stated above. Each of the instruments represents an intensive and strong vibrating primitive sound. It is no background music, but touching listening-music. In the same way Jan Jacob is painting, he plays as it were this concert with sound-colour. He plays a sound-colour composition, once tender, once strong. This basal primitive sound deeply penetrate the total human being.
This is giving a rich experience coupled with relaxation and tranquility. People who are open for becoming more conscious and for growth shall experience an extra dimension while listening. The concert is a salutary relaxing sound-bath for body and spirit.

The egg and I
I never shall know
If the egg was so weak
or my hand so rough
were you so shy
or I so brute
that you broke